State & Local Contracts & Cooperatives


Quick Facts

State Contracts

Fastenal is ready to serve state, city and county agencies by providing local service and products tailored to your needs, with quick delivery of a full line of industrial and construction supplies.

Below is a listing of Fastenal's statewide contracts. Information about additional contracts with city and county entities is available through your local Fastenal government sales representative. For additional information, or to find out who your local representative is, please email us at


A cooperative agreement is a competitively bid contract in accordance with purchasing procedures mandated by state procurement laws and regulations. It provides a contract vehicle for state and local political subdivisions to purchase equally regardless of size. Cooperative contract agreements are available for use by agencies or entities that comply with state purchasing laws. Participation within a cooperative contract must be determined by the "customer," and commitment to the contract is executed by signing a participating addendum. Any additional local requirements must be entered into by a supplemental agreement, which would be between Fastenal and the participating entity. Cooperatives are not made party to any claim that falls within a supplemental agreement.

Fastenal offers a unique value proposition to our government customers - tailored local inventory and personal service at more than 2,500 stores, backed by the distribution, sourcing and e-commerce strength of a major national distributor. Our local presence is what sets us apart. When you purchase industrial supplies from your local Fastenal store, you not only receive high-quality products and services from a trusted local relationship; you support local workers and contribute to the economic vitality of your community. Our many state-wide facilities and maintenance contracts offer cooperative use features providing benefits to city and county governments as well as state agencies.