Gas Detection

Fastenal is factory trained and certified to Calibrate and repair your gas detection equipment.

All necessary repairs are available

  • Sensor changes
  • Pump replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Electronics repair

A test certificate is included with each unit along with a clearly labeled date of calibration. Fastenal is a Factory Authorized Warranty Repair Center.

The Process

  1. Gas detection units are collected through scheduled or routine pick up days. Multiple pick up locations may be established within the facility and units may be collected utilizing Fastenal’s Tote System or utilizing our FAST Solutions Locker Systems.
  2. Units are shipped to your Service Center via Fastenal’s Distribution Network.
  3. Units are estimated or fixed in compliance with your specific program.
  4. Units are shipped back to your location via Fastenal’s Distribution Network.
  5. Units will be placed in their designated area of your facility or back into our FAST Solutions
  6. Locker System.

To learn more or request service, contact your local store or use the request form below.