FAST Solutions Bin Stock

Each of our 30,000 plus customer bin stock programs is unique, but all share a common foundation. That includes a labeled location for each part, a targeted min/max inventory range for each location, and a nearby Fastenal store to stock the product and keep it flowing. Our local presence enables us to tailor a solution that meets your needs for delivery, service, and control.

  • Stock - Assign unique location & bin position to part number
  • Consume - Create new orders by scanning FMI labels
  • Analyze - Increase or reduce min/max parts as well as add or remove parts and stocking locations
  • Adjust - Optimize inventory to reflect usage at your facility or at your local Fastenal Store

Binstock Solutions

Which solution - or combination of solutions - is right for you? Below is a look at our core bin stock offerings.

FAST Solutions Onsite program

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